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Dear Maria…

2. How would you handle a grocery store meltdown over the candy at checkout?

Once you tell your child no there can be no wavering. That means if you say no to a candy bar and the screaming begins, do not give in to quiet your child down. This will set you up for failure for every future errand you have to run with your child. Stay calm and stand your ground.

Using preventative measures will help set you and your child up for a successful outing.
– Give the expectations before you enter the store.
– Reminders along the way
– If your child asks, remind him of the expectations
– Acknowledge his feelings and desires with a reminder “That does look tasty, but we are just getting the groceries.”

If your child begins to melt down upon check out, stop what you are doing, get down on his level, hold him, look him in the eye and tell him calmly but firmly, “we are not getting this”.
Consistency is key. It may take a few times of carrying a flailing child out of the store, but your child will soon understand your expectations.