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Teacher Workday Adventure

Teacher workdays are a sacred time for us here at Charlotte Montessori. It is a time when we can take a look at the classroom and add or create works to follow each of the children’s interests. Workdays also allow for the different groups within the school to meet, reflect and brainstorm. For this we have meetings scheduled for lead teachers, assistant teachers, teaching teams, the Business Office, Extended Day, Toddler teachers and Primary teachers (just to name a few!).

One of the things I look forward to most about teacher workdays is getting a chance to talk to and spend time with the awesome people that make up Charlotte Montessori. Although we are a small school, there are days that I do not get to see the Primary teachers or even the other Toddler teachers.

For this past teacher workday, we decided to do a team building exercise at a place called Exit Strategy. We knew very little about what we would be doing before heading over to the place other than we would need to be split up into two groups and we would have the task of trying to escape from one of two themed rooms. HOW EXCITING!

The two rooms were called The 70’s Room and Cabin in the Woods. We took turns drawing straws to make the two groups then made our way over to Exit Strategy.

I am a big fan of being scared so I was extremely excited to be put in Cabin in the Woods. My group and I were briefed on what to expect and given a few bits of advice (make sure you LISTEN and do not over think it) then we were lined up, given flash lights and asked to put goggles on so we could not see anything. My group was buzzing with anticipation (and a little bit of fear) as we filed into the room.

I won’t give too much away but over the next 60 minutes we had to work together to find clues and unlock several boxes to move forward in the room and try to escape. We were all given opportunities to be leaders, observers and helpers. Although we did not complete the room, we left feeling happy and ready to try it again!

It is safe to say this was one of the most fun teacher workdays we have had!