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Stuck inside? 5 Activities for Bad Weather

Create a Sensory Table

Remember the slimy thrill of sifting your hands through a bucket of “eyeballs” (aka peeled grapes) during the Halloween season when you were younger? I do! Who doesn’t love touching weird, slimy, sticky things?! Your children would love to sift through multiple buckets or bowls filled with different textured items. You could introduce: peeled grapes, cold cooked spaghetti, steel-wool pads, cornstarch, beans, rice, and so much more! For an older child, you could blindfold them and have the child describe what he/she feels than challenge him/her to guess what it is.

Mini Car Wash

Gather up your child’s bottomless basket of cars, trucks, or spaceships for a detailing job that’ll put Auto-Bell to shame! Load them all in the tub and give your child a small spray bottle, sponges, and lots of towels!

Bake Raindrops

            This was my favorite recipe from when I was a child!


Shallow baking pan, flour, sifter…


1) Fill baking pan with flour about ½ inch deep

2) Stand out in the rain with the baking pan for several minutes allowing ample time to collect raindrops. If it is raining too hard you might want to just hold the baking pan out the door to collect the raindrops! It’s your choice!

3) Place the baking pan and captured raindrops in a 300 degree pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes

4) Allow to cool for a few minutes

5) Spoon some flour into a sifter and collect your prize!

Picnic Indoors

Pack a basket with paper plates, utensils and cups. Make sandwiches, pack fresh fruit, pretzels, a thermos of juice, and yogurt for dessert. Spread a blanket on the living room floor and serve a picnic lunch indoors! Add to the fun by dressing in summer clothes or beach attire.

Coloring Pasta

Place a handful of dry, uncooked pasta, such as ziti or rotini into a plastic zipper baggie. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar and 2-3 drops of food coloring. Close the baggie and have the kids shake the bag until the pasta is completely colored. Spread out the pasta onto a paper plate or paper towel and allow it to dry. Use several baggies to create different colors. Once the pasta is dry, kids can use yarn to string together pieces to make necklaces and bracelets, or glue them to paper plates or construction paper to create a work of art!