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MEPI Conference

Over the weekend our five lead teachers and Assistant Director made the drive to Pawley’s Island, SC for MEPI’s annual Hands for Peace conference.

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We attended workshops throughout the weekend on a range of Montessori related topics and spent the time in between talking about how much we love Montessori! It was inspiring to be around so many other passionate teachers and directors from schools all over the world.

Ms. Sarah and I experienced our first time presenting as we hosted workshops on Toileting Toddlers and A Toddler’s Practical Life.

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On the second day of workshops, I attended a presentation on Montessori and Autism. The presenter chronicled her journey through the early years of her now 22 year old son’s life with autism and how finding Montessori enabled him to learn and grow. It made me grateful to be a part of a movement in education that focuses on following each individual child.

What a great weekend!