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Peace Day 2015

Each year our school gets together with all of our families to celebrate Peace Day at a nearby park. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about one another’s culture and to introduce our students to different foods from all around the world. Our banner this year was created with the help of our fabulous Ms. Becca! All of the students used their hand print to make the earth and each child’s name and teacher’s name surrounds it.


To begin our Peace Day, we joined together to sing our Peace by Peace song and also to highlight some quotes from students on “when they close there eyes and think of peace what do they see.”  In the picture below you can see one student from each classroom walked up to the board to add their quote. One of the quotes from my classroom was “I think of the color blue because it reminds me of the ocean!”

IMG_0176            IMG_0179

Next, we are adding another building to our campus so we decided to create a time capsule that will be opened 20 years from now! Each classroom was to place an object that represented there class for the year. The item I choose for our classroom is a tiara because we have more girls than boys this year and they are all about Frozen!


After we concluded our celebration of Peace ceremony, we all walked down to the park to learn about different cultures and to enjoy some delicious food from all over the world. Families from our school set up various tables to educate us on their traditions and also provided us with some samples of their traditional food. As always it was a wonderful event shared with teachers, students and families. We are proud to be given the opportunity to learn about so many different cultures!