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Last week, we had a ceremony to celebrate “Graduation” with the children who will be moving on to new schools in the fall.  It is a great time to reflect on those graduates and really appreciate the changes that they have made during their time at the school and specifically our class.  In looking back through pictures, it is so clear that the work the child does as a 3 year old (and even the foundation laid as an 18 month old in the toddler class) shapes the student he becomes as a 4 and 5 year old (and into the next step of his education as well).

When a new three year old joins the Primary class he is busy with his work but also spend a good amount of time observing the older children.  The young child does this to see where he is going in the future and to have something to look forward to doing.  2 years ago, this child looked on as his older friends completed the long 5 chain, unknowingly laying his own path for the works he would like to accomplish.  He worked on various counting and organizational works to be able to do that same chain 2 years later.

little cardin     older cardin           .


Often times, one of our main goals with a new primary child is to practice good work habits.  Practical life and sensorial works improve his work cycle and then he can begin to explore other areas of the classroom.  This child loved the stamping work pictured to the left…copying the letters that we would write down.  Little did he know that work was helping to pave the way for matching words and sounding out words for the beginning reading skills that he has now

!little harrison       older harrison

Another child had a love of math which has always been apparent.  He longed to do the beautiful chains from day one.  We were able to keep his desire for the chains in check with various math works as he worked to be ready for the lesson on the chains.  2 years ago, the bead triangle was able to sustain his math desire.  That simple work helped to lay the foundation for his abilities with the coveted chains.  That work so long ago put him in a great spot to do ALL of the chains repeatedly!

little huntley                older huntley

Upon joining the class 2 years ago, another child fell in love with creating works of art.  She spent the majority of her day drawing, cutting, gluing.  Little did she know that those art projects would perfect her fine motor skills that she now uses to make books.  She makes those books after reading the words herself and matching the words to pictures.  What a long way she has come!!

older daria      little daria

We count ourselves lucky to have front row seats to witness these transformations year after year.