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Presenting Workshops

In her book, “The Tao of Montessori,” Catherine McTamaney says, “When we realize that Montessori is a verb, an action and not a thing, we grant ourselves the grace to grow as teachers. We grant ourselves the union of community with other educators.”

Many of the teachers at Charlotte Montessori School continue their love for the Montessori Philosophy by reading books, researching and writing articles, or going to conferences and presenting workshops. Ms. Lisa and I are HUGE fans of Montessori conferences and had the privilege of presenting two workshops last year at the MEPI (Montessori Educational Programs International) conference.

To say that presenting these workshops sparked a new hobby for us in an understatement. This year we have applied to four different conferences!

South Carolina Montessori Alliance (October)

Countryside Montessori Conference (November)

Montessori Educational Programs International (February)

American Montessori Society (March…in Chicago!)

Before applying for a conference, Lisa and I sat down together to discuss what two topics we would like to present on. Judging by the needs of what fellow teachers expressed last year we decided to present Creating a Toddler Community and Setting Limits.

For each conference we have to complete an application that describes our workshop and who it is geared towards. We enjoy presenting for other toddler teachers, not only because it’s the age our hearts belong to, but we found that this community has so many unanswered questions… especially on limit setting!

This past week we submitted our final application for the Conferences this fall. This coming week we expect to hear back from AMS (the big on in our eyes) and find out if we we’re selected to present. Fingers crossed everyone! Before the end of summer we will know our status of presenting at the other three conferences.

In the meantime, we have begun preparation for these four conferences. It is a huge undertaking! We meet every Tuesday to discuss and gather information, quotes, and experiences to form an outline for each workshop. During our teacher work week in August we are given a chance to have a practice run through with our fellow Charlotte Montessori Teachers.

We are happy to continue sharing with you the statuses of our acceptances!

IMG_2537 (3) Ms. Lisa and I presenting on Toileting at last years conference!