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What a Great Feeling….

For close to 20 years on my way in to school, I drove by the Knights of Columbus building, thinking it was nothing special. On occasions, the Knights would hold meetings or events in the building, so we would see a bit more cars in the parking lot. Way back, a group held bag pipe practice in the parking lot weekly. We would be serenaded on the playground by the music. And at least one year, my family and I watched fireworks on the 4th of July in the grassy field (which at the time was a dirt field).

old front

In recent years, the building has stood empty with cars rarely entering the parking lot. When I passed it going home from work, I seldom even looked in that direction.

But…now all of that is changing! What a great feeling when I returned from vacation to drive down Kingston and see the Charlotte Montessori School awning on the building.

new front

What a great feeling to see how this lifeless and somewhat abandoned building has been transformed into a beautiful and bright school. What a great feeling to walk through the building and see 4 new and shiny classrooms. What a great feeling to know that in a few weeks, those halls will be full of the sounds of toddlers. What a great feeling to be a part of sharing Montessori with more people. What a great feeling to be a part of something awesome!