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Room Dedications

Teacher work week is a busy and exciting time at Charlotte Montessori. Along with scrubbing our rooms, rearranging the layout, making new works and planning with our teaching partners, we also have lots of things happening outside of our classrooms.

This year’s work week was particularly special as we opened the Kingston location and welcomed several new teachers. To assist these teachers in getting more acquainted with the Montessori philosophy as well as the ins and outs of Charlotte Montessori, we hosted workshops and watched webinars.

One of my favorite parts of the work week is deciding on the word my room will be dedicated to for the year. In the past my room has been dedicated to words such as serenity and amity.

At the end of the workweek, each teaching team reveals their word to us along with the reasoning behind their choice.

Take a look at what is in store for this year at Charlotte Montessori…

Toddler I – Tuesday
Ms. Sarah and Ms. Elizabeth wanted to turn a day that tends to be difficult for their friends into something positive. They created their word in a way to help make Tuesdays sunny and bright.

Toddler II – Stillness
Ms. Nikki and Ms. Liz are starting the year with a group of young, new toddlers. This word embodies what they want to remember each day. They specifically thought of “Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10 as their inspiration for the word.

Toddler III – Adventure
Ms. Becca and I are beginning this school year with both returning and new children. We believe that everyday with toddlers is an adventure and we were excited to pull quotes from some of our favorite literature to accompany our word.

Toddler IV – Peace
Ms. Maggie and Ms. Bliss chose a word that is very prominent in the Montessori philosophy. For their first year both in teaching and together as a teaching team, peace is what they want to obtain in their classroom.

Toddler V – Thrive
Ms. Meghan and Ms. Regina chose a word that makes a powerful statement. Through teaching independence and respect for the child they hope to give their toddlers the tools to thrive well into adulthood.


Primary I – Begin
Ms. Formon and Ms. Shantell are beginning a new partnership as a teaching team along with a group of children both returning and new. They joked and said they want people to “BEG to be IN” their classroom.

Primary II – Cheerful
Ms. Amber and Ms. Jing wanted a reminder each morning before walking into their classroom to focus on the positive and to remember to leave everything at the door so they can focus on the children.


Business Office – Blossom and Discovery

Ms. Michelle and Ms. Rachel each chose a word to put over their office doors to embody what they want to bring to Charlotte Montessori for the coming year.

  blossom  discovery