Charlotte Montessori Blog

Preparing the Environment

Preparation is key in all aspects of life. We prepare our minds and bodies before we do any task in our daily lives. Success comes from preparing our environment to be clean and ready for work to be done. In the Montessori classroom environment, the children are constantly learning from their environment and for them to be successful it has to be prepared for them. With this new classroom I have learned quickly what my children need from me for them to be successful in the classroom. When I am preparing the classroom for the children, I am also preparing my mind and body for the day ahead so that I can be completely devoted to their needs and interests.

Preparing the classroom and making sure that all works are ready on the shelves is the first step to creating a classroom that allows the children to be successful. If the room were to be out of place and a child were to come into that situation then they would feel hesitant to come into the classroom. Sense of order is important to a toddler, because they are able to know what is going to happen next in their day. Giving the child an environment that is clutter free for them to move around and free to work is laying down the foundation of the environment for the child. When I greet the children at the door I make sure that I am prepared so that the welcoming is child centered and helps guide the child into the classroom.

When preparing my mind, I am often reminding myself that I have to keep calm in the environment no matter what occurs. As someone who has a naturally high volume voice I must remind myself that having a quiet voice will help our environment. I try to model an indoor, quiet voice at all times so that the children can see and copy me. Loud voices disturb the children from their concentration on their work, their environment, and also their other friends.

In our daily lives, we are constantly rushing to finish a task or to an appointment to make sure we aren’t late. I personally have struggled with rushing to clean up a spill or to solve a problem instead of completing the task in a graceful way where the child can see how to do it. The ultimate goal for a Montessori classroom is for the class to function as if the teacher is not even there. If the children see me running around and rushing then they will learn this and feel rushed them-selves. Teaching the children to be calm in their actions prepares them to successfully handle any frustrations with a clear mind.