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20 Years

The celebration of 20 years at Charlotte Montessori has given me much to think about. I feel like I can look back over the past 20 years and am proud of my own individual accomplishments as well as those of my classroom and the school.

Since 1995, I have…

  • Had 3 children of my own and watched them come through this school.
  • Took my oldest son off to college, knowing that he was fully prepared for his new adventure.
  • Sung the new shoe song probably 890 times.
  • Retrieved about 97 beads that have been stuck up children’s noses.
  • Plucked only 1 bean out of a child’s ear.
  • Placed snips of hair that a child trimmed while doing an art project into a bag for the parents about 48 times.
  • Lead close to 405 birthday circles.
  • Taken over 2,000 pieces of art work home that were gifted to me by children.
  • Sung the same Thanksgiving songs and made the same vegetable soup for the Thanksgiving gathering for each of the 20 years.
  • Listened to the book Mac and Tab read to me by around 105 children….and each time gotten goose bumps as they have read their very first book.
  • Worked under the leadership of 5 directors.
  • Watched as parents came to pick up and hold their children after the 9/11 attacks…then went and did the same with my own kids.
  • Seen 3 new carpets installed in my classroom
  • Not been able to support and guide 3 students in my classroom and watched as they chose a different school to attend….which still pains me after many years.
  • Been assisted by 9 fantastic teachers in my classroom.
  • Seen 5 different colors of paint for the walls of my classroom (but have had the same curtains for 4 of those colors)
  • Helped 48 children sew a pillow or a blanket or a fabric square for their house.
  • Taken 1 trip to the emergency room in an ambulance with a student.
  • Sung the Friday song 820 times.
  • Gotten countless colds and viruses; but the flu just once.
  • Helped to count the long 1000 chain 110 times.
  • Reassured over 900 parents that what their child is doing is completely normal.
  • Published 1 article in a parenting magazine.
  • Guest blogged 2 times on Age of Montessori.
  • Attended 8 Montessori conferences to learn more about what I love.
  • Hugged away thousands of tears of hurt feelings (some of which I myself caused).

20 years, I have come into Charlotte Montessori School….20 years…although it seems like a blink of an eye. There is no other school I would rather go in to. Even to this day, I feel lucky to really and truly enjoy coming into work. Many thanks to the school, staff, parents and children who have loved me along the way!!


Jenny Formon