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Finishing my training… or Why is Ms. Sarah so Crazy?

It’s been two weeks since I took my last exam for my Primary Training. I finally feel like I am getting my life back together! This year has been a total whirlwind of assignment, exams, albums, and learning.

My training began in the summer as a five week immersion into Montessori. I was SO excited the first day. I asked a zillion questions, and I think I answered just as many questions from fellow trainees who had never experienced a Montessori classroom- yes I was the obnoxious “know-it-all” in my class. I prefer to call myself passionate but “know-it-all” works well too.

By the fifth week, I was totally exhausted. It took all my self-discipline and mental control not to yell out that we needed a break. Of course, they saved the last week of training to focus on the language area of the classroom and I couldn’t afford to mentally check out, even if I wanted to!

After the summer we were given our requirements for the training course. We had to complete an album for every area of the classroom: Practical life, Math, Language, and Sensorial. As well as compose the “5th album” which included: philosophy, child development, art, science, movement, music, administration, observation, record keeping, Infant/Toddler overview (I could have taught that one), Parent/Teacher conference, and Parent involvement. The albums needed pictures for every lesson, a detailed description, articles, and papers written by myself.

These are my finished albums… otherwise known as: A year spent at the printers.


On top of these albums, we had to complete eight observations at different Montessori Schools. The observations were three hours long and we were asked to write up a report on different things we observed. I had the pleasure of observing in Ms. Formon’s class and she was by far one of my favorite environments!

During the year we had several “training weekends” in which we would go back to our program and either review what we learned over the summer, take exams, or be introduced to new topics. I always enjoyed reconnecting with the women I took my training with and hearing about their classrooms and what I have in store for me next year in Primary.


The exams were so intimidating… that is probably the best word to describe it. We had a written exam and well as a practicum in which we had to present a lesson (picked out of a hat) for the instructor. She would ask us the aims of the lesson, the control of errors, the language involved, the age of the child, and where that lesson fit into the sequence of work. Math was the scariest for me… although when I took the exam it was like Maria Montessori possessed my body and somehow I presented it perfectly! (Pat on the back for me!)

langauge works Works I had to make for language! I’m tired just looking at it!


Now that I am finished with all of the academic requirements for the training I can sit back and enjoy all that I have learned! Next year I will complete the last bit of training: having the instructors observe my classroom and “my year long project.”

I have to thank Jenny, Nikki, and, Lisa for all of their help during my year of training! They were SUCH a great support system!

I want to thank Elizabeth for remembering all of the small things that my brain could not handle (like diaper reminders or to breathe.)

I want to thank Michelle and Rachel for patting me on the back and celebrating my accomplishments!

And I want to thank all of you, awesome parents, who have cheered me on and helped me to come this far! I am so excited for next year and starting in the Primary classroom!!