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As I approach my last summer working at Charlotte Montessori, I have reflected back on my nine years here. I feel so fortunate to have found a passion in the Montessori philosophy and to have served so many families throughout the years. I will leave with many precious memories and the friendship of three extraordinary women who helped me grow and learn along the way.

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I began my Montessori journey working as a summer substitute in Mrs. Formon’s class in 2007. I was both terrified and inspired by her classroom. She quickly became my mentor as I decided to undertake my infant/toddler training to become a lead teacher in our Toddler program.

In 2010, Ms. Sarah joined me as an assistant in my Toddler environment. She shared my enthusiasm and belief in all things Montessori along with truly understanding just how funny and awesome toddlers are. She quickly became my best friend.


Last but not least, there’s Ms. Nikki. Along with Mrs. Formon, I interviewed Nikki to join our strong Toddler team in 2013. I remember being so impressed by her that I walked out of the interview and straight into our Director’s office and said “hire her”.

It will be hard to leave Charlotte Montessori come August, but I am happy to have found these three Montessorians and friends.