Charlotte Montessori Blog

The beginning of Training

This year has been a ride for this toddler teacher! I began my journey at Charlotte Montessori in August and I have loved every minute of it. The teachers and other faculty have taken me in their arms and have shown me the teacher that I can truly be. As I have been the lead of my classroom and nurtured my children, I knew that I could give them even more from knowledge and training. So I have made the official decision to become trained in Infant/Toddler Montessori teaching.
My family, friends, the teachers of Charlotte Montessori are all behind me supporting me for this journey that I am going to begin. I am excited to begin learning more of Maria Montessori’s philosophy and what she hoped for all of the teachers to know. Learning for my students is one of the biggest parts for my wanting to complete my training. Also to of course become a stronger teacher in the Montessori philosophy. I feel that once I have my training, I will be twice as confident in the classroom and outside when sharing my knowledge with others.
When I complete the majority of the training, I will be excited to share the journey that I went through for the four weeks during the summer. I will be able to transform my classroom into an even better Montessori room! When my students return in the fall, I will be able to confidently present new works to them as they explore the shelves. As I understand a deeper meaning behind each work that I have carefully prepared for them, I will smile with pride knowing I am trained.