Charlotte Montessori Blog

Second year and Training

The summer intensive course for training was an amazing experience. I got to meet teachers from many different schools and states. During the weeks of training we became a family through days of learning the Montessori method that we all love. Many stories were shared, shelves and works were created, and possible classroom problems were discussed and solved. As the weeks went on, I became anxious to be back in my own classroom and began to grow the excitement to get back and change everything. Training taught me new ways to prepare my environment and how to handle all the topics of the classroom. Training came to an end and I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends that I had made, but ready to be back with my Charlotte Montessori family and children.

As I walked into the toddler extended day room expecting to see all of the same small familiar faces, I was taken aback by what I saw. Instead of familiar faces, I walked into a room of grown children who I could not believe were all of the same ones I had left before training. Vocabulary explosions, height gain, and other physical changes were now in front of me and I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. My children had grown while I was gone, and I couldn’t wait to come back to work and get to see them in the classroom. I immediately went into the classroom and changed the room and some of the works that were available. My class finished the summer with the new school year starting in the fall in sight and a plan of progress in place.

This week is teacher work week where we all get to reorganize our rooms and create a brand new environment for the children to come back to. My teaching partner and I have been working hard and constantly brain storming of new materials we can make for our kids. The new school year is exciting and brings on butterflies, because you hope that your children will love the work that you have done for them during the week. This upcoming Monday, all my children will be returning but I am sure that I will still be nervous to them arriving, but I know that things will be fine once our classroom bell is rung.