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The Reason Why I Love The Montessori Method

It all began with my Aunty Heather, she has been a loving and dedicated Montessorian for many years. One summer after I Graduated from High school she had invited me to come and live there with her in Atlanta, Georgia. After a few weeks I was in need of a job.  The opportunity opened up at the school she was working at.  I started off helping teachers with breaks in the afternoons.  I quickly fell in love with how the teachers respected the children as they worked within the freedom to choose what was available on the work shelves.  What had inspired me was how long they were engaged with this work.  Not only the work, but the environment was so warm and inviting.  Everything was at their level.  I could now see why my Aunty Heather was such a diehard believer in her work, and the endless shopping for just the right size this and that for her classroom.  It wasn’t long after that her boss started seeing how I had a natural gift with children.  She then approached me in the office and asked if I would like to work as an assistant in the infant and toddler room.   I jumped at the fact I was about to embark on this incredible journey as an assistant.

And now as life would have it, I have come back to my roots, always a true believer in Montessori education for life. I am now going through the AMS training to be a Montessori Infant and Toddler teacher.  I am so happy to be taking part of the life style of Montessori and all the wonderful gifts that come out of this education.

Shannon M Gray.