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Eyes On You

On Broadway, the curtain opens, the spotlight is on and the play begins. In our Montessori setting the day begins in similar fashion. At the sound of the bell, the door gently opens and the day begins. Each day the stage is set and ready for the actors to enter and take their respective places in the environment. Like a cast in a Broadway show the classroom has specific roles. One might assume that the teacher (Montessori Guide) is the playwright. The one who writes with much detail the actions of the characters; however, that is not the case. The teacher is the director, and her position is off stage, where she can see the stage and is sensitive to the flow of room and child. Her role is to direct as the script may change due to the involvement of the actors/students. Although, the director adjusts to the actions of the cast; the one thing that remains the same is the environment. The fundamental goal of Montessori especially, in a toddler setting is to provide a secure and nurturing environment. The main focus is language and motor development, assisting in developing self-help skills, encouraging and aiding in their budding independence, and helping children build trust in relationships. This is achieved when the student is able to explore freely with structure as the main component. The prepared environment allows for Spontaneous activity. This term used by Montessorians describes the child’s response to the inner instincts and desires, which guide and energize the development of his potential. With this in mind, at the close of the curtain or the day the child takes with them developmental tools and skills from the experience into their lives outside the stage. Where their uniqueness is on display and does not shy away from the spotlight.


Sophia Robinson

Toddler III