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The Importance of Mixed Age grouping

When I tell people that I work with children between the ages of three to six.  They ask me how that’s possible?  How do I do it?  It sounds chaotic, doesn’t it? 

Montessori teachers see the benefits every day.  I personally love to see the interaction between the older children with the younger.  There is a lot of value in this type of grouping. 

The number one value in this is that it allows the older children to become leaders, role models, and teachers.  Allowing the older children to teach helps develop their self-esteem and builds confidence.  It helps reinforce what they have learned as they teach it to others.

The look on their faces as they teach lessons is priceless.  They’re proud of themselves and it shows.  Their chest opens and lifts as they themselves realize how much they have learned.

Social development is another very important benefit.  Older children are role models.  They are able to understand sharing, taking turns, and using manners.  Younger children who are developing these skills benefit by observing and imitating their older peers.

Parents who understand how important this is for their child. Would look forward to and allow their child to stay for that important kindergarten year.  Not only will the older child benefit academically.  They will benefit in all areas of their young life. As they will walk away from the classroom.  A leader, role model, friend, nurturer, and most important Independent and confident.

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world”

                                                                             Maria Montessori

Ana Rivera