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The Quietness Culture: A Montessori Classroom

As guides, we enter the room with quieted minds and spirits. Although, the noises and the sounds of the outside world would like to change our architectural design and shape us into depleting formations of distractions. We do not consent to its call on our lives. In a Montessori classroom, we quietly observe the student at work; we do not interrupt the child. The atmosphere of quietness allows the student/the guide to think internally, which allows for insightfulness and produces an outcome of peace in learning. In a prepared environment: an environment prepared by an adult for a child; the child feels safe, there is a peace to let go and explore without the added weight of unnecessary noise. In the peace and quietness of the classroom, I believe they are able to the hear their voice. The quietness, yields a voice of conforming to the soul of the child and produces the most authentic human being who is thoughtful in each step of its life; their hands shape the work that is within to be displayed to the world. I believe the noise of the world would like to reshape us… The quietness defines us as individuals who are prepared to enjoy the present moment. In the prepared environment with non-consequential items, the student is not frenzied, hyperactive, or overstimulated. There is a strength in quietness and solitude that cannot be easily broken in the classroom setting. A guide in the classroom will slow down and reflect in the quiet stillness. What yields the quietness? Internal discipline work does. Maria Montessori states, “Discipline (the internal quiet) will appear when the child has concentrated his attention upon some object that attracts him and which makes possible not only useful exercise but control of error”.
If and when you visit a Montessori classroom or setting you should be able to observe (Maren Stark Schmidt) without evaluation ( an environment where a child is independent. In this environment the guide are both enriched and grounded in their individual quiet work.
Toddler III
Sophia Robinson
Lead Teacher