Charlotte Montessori Blog

Promoting Peace

The peace curriculum in the Montessori classroom is used daily. We promote peace in the classroom through our information provided, our actions, and the voices we use to speak to our students. In the possible moments of chaos in the day, the teacher is there to be the calm spirit in the storm. Children can truly feel the emotions that a teacher may be showing and that can change the atmosphere of the classroom. A mindful adult is someone who knows how their voice is being used and what non verbal communication they may be giving. Showing the children that as the adult you are able to remain calm allows to bring the room’s energy back down to a normal level. It can be easy to become stressed in situations where you feel you are not being heard and you feel out of control. Allowing your self to step back, take a breath, and look at the situation that is occurring promotes peace within. Observing the situation from a distance lets you see the area as a whole.
During our MEPI conference, I got to attend a promoting peace presentation. The presenter sat in the middle of the room at the beginning, quietly, waiting for everyone to notice and end their conversations. It was so subtle, but also made an impact because we all waited to hear what she was going to say. We then began the session by passing around a stone with “peace” written on it. While passing it person to person, we would say the phrase “I give you peace”. This simple task brought the entire room together in a peaceful way.
I have now brought this lesson into my own classroom. The first lesson I gave on our peace rock was during our morning circle where I explained the purpose of our peace rock. I then handed the rock to the child on my left and said “I give you peace”. It was a beautiful and amazing moment to see all eleven of my children passing this stone around telling each other that they give their friend peace. This lesson then expanded into our daily classroom experiences. I had the pleasure of witnessing four of my children stand in a circle by themselves, passing the stone back and forth saying “I give you peace”. It truly showed me that if you model peace for the students during your time with them then they will follow you. Promoting peace in our young students today is important for the society we live in today. It teaches the students to love one another and to peacefully resolve any problems that may have occurred.