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MEPI Conference

This year I was fortunate enough to attend the Montessori Education Programs International (MEPI) conference in Kiawah Island, SC.  Along with my fellow teachers, we had a wonderful time learning more about the Montessori approach to education as well as interacting with other teachers from around the region.

While at the conference I took a class called “Intro to Mindfulness.”  In this class, the instructor discussed that in the busy world we live in, everyone needs to take time for themselves and unwind.  This concept was not just limited to parents, but to children as well.  The instructor covered several techniques a person can use to relax including sitting in silence, playing music, meditation and even doing yoga.  He went on to point out that any of these techniques could be used to help one put their mind at ease, but doing them on a regular basis was the most important part.

Since taking this class, on a nightly basis before I go to bed, I use a meditation app on my phone to help me unwind from the stresses of the day.  Since starting my meditation routine, I have been sleeping better as well as have notice an increase in energy throughout the day.  I especially notice the difference on days when I was not able to meditate the night before.

In the classroom, we have the children do yoga poses several times a week.  My assistants and I have noticed that the children tend to be more relaxed after doing yoga, so much so, that several children almost immediately take a nap afterwards. Many of the children like doing yoga so much that we will catch them doing poses all by themselves throughout the day.

In today’s go go go life style, we need to remember that everyone needs time to take a step back and just put themselves first, even if it is for only 10 minutes.  In doing this, everyone will be better prepared to handle all of life’s stresses.

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