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Small Escapes

Having just returned to work from my summer vacation, made me realize how important it is to take time off and get away.  We feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and restored.

It’s a good way to practice mindfulness. When you return to life and work, the mindfulness you practiced during your peaceful times will be easy to remember and return to you when you need it.

Our children should also learn at a young age how to sometimes separate from everyday life to relax and have fun.  Moving them away from electronics and into nature will do them good.

Taking bike rides or hikes and allowing them to be bored will allow them to have to look within.  They won’t even realize what they are doing, but they will feel great afterward. Hopefully, they will carry this practice all their lives. 

I spent a day in Asheville last week. I visited a Salt Rock Cave.  It was such a wonderful trip.  But the best part was just sitting in the cave with my son. Sitting quietly away from everything.  Without even talking we bonded.  I encourage everyone to visit the cave, just relax, and enjoy.


Ana Rivera