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Montessori materials

Maria Montessori developed the materials we use in the classroom to awaken the child’s senses.  They were developed to take the senses to a higher level through manipulation and discovery.

As she described it, “A full, varied and ordered sensorial life is the best preparation for the higher life of the intellect in the years to come.”

She believed the “hand is the instrument of the mind.” That the intellect of the mind works together with the bodies nervous and muscular systems and the two could not be separated in terms of learning.

Therefore, it’s through constant manipulation, repetition, and movement that the child learns.  In the Montessori classroom, the child is encouraged to repeat lessons.  They usually do it without being told because there is the inner need for perfection.

They will work on a lesson until it is perfected, sit there, and admire their work.  With confidence and pride, they will ask you to come take a look.  They will usually say “look what I did” standing tall and confident.

I take it as an honor to work in a Montessori environment.  I believe I am providing the best materials for the child. Materials that appeal to the child esthetically, that draws them to explore, create, and learn!


Ana Rivera