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Montessori outside the school

Last week, many of you made the wise decision to attend the Montessori In the Home workshop presented by extraordinary Montessorians, Sarah and Maggie. They detailed how focusing on INDEPENDENCE and RESPECT, you can help create an environment outside of school that supports the Montessori philosophy.

Additionally, all the teachers enjoyed their conference times earlier this week. We love to share activities and progress every child is making at school.  An often-asked question during conferences, is what can I do at home to support that?

Here are a few suggestions on activities and such to do at home that will both bring Montessori into your home and support your child’s development:

  • Responsibility for belongings…carrying lunchbox into school, unpacking backpacks at the end of the day, putting clothes in a hamper, putting toys away, cleaning dishes at dinner time.
  • Contributions around the house…. setting the table, caring for pets, putting clothes in dryer.
  • Conversational skills…ask why and what if questions, predict what will happen in a story, move away from having the child parrot or mimic what you say in a conversation.
  • Deductive reasoning…provide statements for the child to interpret; ie: “you left the water on” rather than “turn the water off”
  • Math skills…count any and all things, the dinner table and the car are great avenues for this.
  • Observation skills….when on walks, go at your child’s pace so that he can notice things around him, TURN OFF ELECTRONICS IN THE CAR…there are so many things to see and talk about along the sides of the roads.
  • READ READ READ READ READ READ to your child.

There does not need to be any type of formal education or sit down with your child at the end of the day…but there are plenty of natural learning experiences that you can take advantage of throughout your evening.