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The Montessori classroom is rich in all areas, but the one that makes the biggest explosion is the language area.  This area like all others has a progression, a process that goes in order.

It starts out like this…

We teach everything except for maybe a few lessons, left to right, up and down, in preparation for reading and writing later on. In language, we start with matching objects.  From there, matching cards.  Lots of it!  Because it enriches vocabulary, helps them relate the spoken word to the picture or object, teaches exact terminology.

At the same time, they will work with the Metal Insets.  Learning how to hold the pencil properly.  Working on the strokes, proper pencil grip, and fine motor skills. That’s the reason why I keep my pencils in good working order.  This is in preparation for writing.

They will also work with the Sandpaper letters and of course my favorite language lesson.  ABC Board!  Why is it my favorite? Because the children learn sounds and recognition of the symbol very quickly.  They learn quickly because they think it’s a game and it can be done in many ways, for constant repetition. This is a must for my younger children and the ones needing a refresher.

Once they learn some or most of the sounds.  They begin working with the Family Boxes.  With this work, they are building and rhyming words.  At the same time with the coloring book, they are learning to write the words by tracing the letters.

When they start to get into the last Family boxes.  A change starts to occur, they start to really focus on the letters they are tracing.  They feel good that they have accomplished so much.  They want to finish!

They will finish!  Then the fun begins.  Short vowel words and a workbook.  I do like to make it special for them, it was a journey to get there. They feel so accomplished and confident in themselves.  They realize that they are the leaders, mentors, and role models for the younger children. 

The look on their faces is priceless…it is why I do what I do!  How do I know it works?  We currently have 11 children either reading or starting to read.  All of them writing!  Each one working at their own pace and level.  This is the beauty of Montessori.


Ana Rivera