Charlotte Montessori Blog

MEPI Conference Presenter

Nervous. Excited. Scared. Worried.

These were all of the emotions I felt as I waited to leave for the conference center at Kiawah Island for my first time ever presenting, outside of our school. It was truly one of those moments where I was the baby bird about to jump out of the nest, that nest, being my comfort zone. Presenting in front of our schools community was always nerve racking but I knew no matter what I said, that I would continued to be loved and supported by the parents in the crowd.

Now I was on a completely different stage! The women/men at the conference are all passionate montessorians, some of them being doctors, board members of MEPI, teachers with years of experience. Here I was, a teacher in her third year about to present at the next level! My emotions were high!

My first presentation was with Ms. Sarah. We were in the first session of presenters, and were set to present on supporting parents through transitions. It went so well, that one of the audience members slipped me a note at the end about how beautiful Sarah and I worked together, and that it was great! I could not believe it! I was so surprised that people loved watching me present. During the presentation, I would look out in to the crowd and see people nodding their heads in agreement. It made me feel confident and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.

Later in the afternoon, it was time for Ms. Formon and I to present! This presentation was about being confident in communicating with the parents. During our teacher work week, we had presented this to the other teachers, which helped with feedback and having it already under our belt. The same nerves came back as we began our presentation, but quickly went away. The audience was engaged, asking questions, and making comments about the topics we were presenting. It was amazing! At the end, other teachers were coming up to the front to exchange emails and ask about our programs. It made me feel even better that I could help other teachers with my own knowledge. Learning about other toddler programs, their schools and policies brought us all together in that room.

Through the confidence the audience gave me, my wonderful teaching partners, and the love of Maria Montessori. I am now confident enough to say that I would present again if the chance arises!