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Peace Day

Maria Montessori envisioned a world where diversity is a positive a not a negative. So, it’s very important for young children to be introduced to and understand different cultures. Diversity enables the young child to grow up with a perspective of acceptance and understanding that can lead to opportunities for peaceful interactions with others who are different from them.

As the weeks and days passed with peace day approaching I began to feel anxious. Anxiousness is a far cry from being or feeling peaceful. As I began to think about why we celebrate Peace day, I was brought to a place of inner peace and ready to share with the class the culture of South America: Colombia.

As I shared about my native country of Colombia, it was so nice to see how interested the children were in the food and music. Some of them mentioned that they wanted to visit Colombia to dance and eat the food. It was adorable to see the excitement on their faces as they danced La Cumbia. The acceptance and love motivated me to share even more.

The openness of learning about new cultures, the language, and all that comes with it, brings us all to a place of peace outside of ourselves which brings peace to others.  Isn’t this what Montessori is all about?

I hope you’re excited as I am about Peace day! We are looking forward to spending time together. See you there.

Ana Rivera