Charlotte Montessori Blog

Flowers and Children

When I came into school one day last week, I noticed this beautiful purple flower. It was rich in color and growing so strong. In a crack. Between the sidewalk and the parking lot. Out of concrete.

It made me stop and appreciate nature. Nature always seems to find a way to grow and flourish on its own….at its own pace and in its own place. Which correlates so easily to watching children grow….at their own pace and in their own place.

As we wrap up the school year this week, it is a great time to look back and reflect on the individual growth of each child. Among the hundreds of things that were practiced, learned, mastered this year by individual children:


• Roll a rug
• Count to 1000 by 10’s
• Prepare a work for the next child
• Serve herself snack
• Separate from his parents independently
• Write a 3 letter word
• Carry a number in dynamic addition
• Write his name
• Unzip his lunchbox
• Use the toilet
• Congratulate a friend when he is successful
• Write his name
• Resolve a conflict
• Interrupt a friend or teacher
• Use the bathroom and come out independently
• What infinity means and looks like
• Long vowels
• Read a book
• Respect another’s work
• Use scissors to open a package
• The names of the 7 continents
• How to give a compliment
• Walk in line
• Sort and count objects
• Sew a pillow
• Sit in circle
• Read a book to a group of friends
• Tuck in a chair
• Pedal a tricycle
• Phonograms
• Present a lesson to a friend
• Climb the mountain structure
• Pour water from a pitcher into a cup
• Unpack his lunch
• Put his sheet on his mat
• Use scissors
• Use gentle hands with friends
• Multiplication with the chains
• Tend a garden
• Sing over 20 new songs
• Care for the classroom environment
• Isolate sounds in words
• Use an open cup and spoon
• Perform in front of an audience
• Walk while carrying a tray
• Group words that rhyme
• Find silence
• Offer peace to one another
• Have fun

Look back over your child’s growth this past year. Celebrate the milestones…both big and seemingly small.  As teachers, we celebrate all the successes of the children right where they are. We never expect two children to develop on the same time line, nor to compare their growth.

And remember that purple flower blooming…“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” Zen Shin