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Summertime [Happy]Sadness

I love the summer for the obvious reasons: sun, beach, warm weather, vacation time, and, of course, getting (well, trying to get) tan! At school, our summer is exciting- themed weeks with activities and water days, games, and more!

But this summer is bittersweet for me…my whole class of toddlers will be transitioning into new classrooms in August. They are the first class I’ve ever had, and we have been together almost two years. 🙁


It is a happysad time- a term I have begun to use (yes, I know it’s not a real word) because it most accurately captures how I feel.  Happy because all my friends are moving to new classrooms with awesome teachers who already love them and will guide them through new challenges, successes, and learning milestones. But sad because they will be moving on, growing up, and I won’t have them in my class anymore. I know it is way harder on me than the children- they are all ready to move forward, keep learning, and make new friends!

Of course, even though summer is full of fun and relaxation, our Montessori class continues to promote independence, and prepare my friends for their new environments. We have learned letter sounds, counting, number recognition, 1 to 1 correspondence, new words and skills.

I am confident in the readiness of my children to make their transitions to new classrooms, but I keep thinking, “What else do I want to show them/teach them/ introduce them to before they leave?” And I think it all goes back to the foundation of the Montessori Method: grace and courtesy. Love and kindness. Being peace advocates in our class, our school, our community, our world.

More than anything, I want my friends to know they are loved, and to know how to show love. If they can only take one thing to their new classes, that’s it. That’s what I want for them.

And so these last few weeks I have with my class before they transition, my focus is on how I can be an example of kindness, how I can show my friends opportunities for courtesy, how to show grace, how to be polite, how to make others feel happy and loved.

When I feel myself getting sad about the coming change, I am comforted by the moments I see everyday between my friends- moments of peace, of resolution, of forgiveness, compassion, and love.

I know these qualities will only grow as they grow. I trust our teachers here at CharMont, I trust Montessori’s method, and I trust them- the children, my friends.

I am not quite ready for this happysad summer to end…but I think when I look back on this time it won’t be happysad- just happy. 🙂