Charlotte Montessori Blog


As teachers, we never know exactly what is going to happen when we walk into the school on any given day. We take on a large variety of roles:

• Educator
• Nurse
• Janitor
• Doctor
• Plumber
• School scribe
• Repairman
• Secretary
• Mom
• Counselor
• Babysitter
• Storyteller
• Musician
• Friend
• Referee
• Chef
• Seamstress
• Student
• Psychologist
• Computer analyst
• Author
• Dish washer
• Parent educator

Why do we come in every day to handle the “extra stuff” that goes along with our job as a teacher?

We come in for those 10, 15, 22, 28 children that walk through the door of our classroom each morning. We come in because of all the smiles and hugs we get from those children. We come in for the children who don’t want to hug us yet; but some day will want to. We come in because of the look on their faces when they are listening intently to a story. We come in because of the smiles they have that reach all the way to their eyes and cover their entire faces when they find joy. We come for the tears that they shed, and we help comfort them; even though more often than not, we are the ones that have caused the tears because deep down we know it will help them be better people in the long run. We come in to see the excitement they have to learn something new. We come because there are those who don’t find that excitement and help show them where it is. We come in every day to try to help at least one of the children do something better than they did the day before.

We come in because we are, ourselves, becoming better people because of them.