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5 Fun Summer Activities for Home

Before our summer days begin in May, all of the Lead Teacher’s meet to discuss what fun activities we would like to plan for the children! We do continue our normal mornings of having a work cycle and changing out our shelves to new works, but we like to incorporate activities that make our summer days special!

I wanted to share five of the activities/ideas that our toddler and primary programs have created for our summer calendar that can also be used at home.

  1. Creating a themed week off of the child’s favorite books:
    • This year we chose the Llama Llama series to create different days that incorporated the books. For example, we dressed in PJs one day for Llama Llama Red Pajama. We also did Christmas in July for Llama Llama Holiday Drama. The children had a lot of fun getting to dress up while also reading some of their favorite books! At home, you could choose which series you would like to read, then take a trip to the public library to try and find the books. This way the child gets to be involved, gets to travel to the library, and is reading a new book each day.
  2. Pasta Painting
    • One of the days this summer, I did a pasta day! For circle time we observed and discussed different types of pasta, for snack we ate spaghetti with shredded cheese, and then we got to paint with noodles. The noodles that we painted with were half cooked. When preparing, I tied a small rubber band around a few of the noodles and then let them sit in boiling water for a few minutes. The rubber band helped keep all of the noodles together, so when the children were painting it was easier for them to hold. Then I gave each child their own cup of paint and paper, and they used the noodles as their paint brush!
  3. Music Week
    • My classroom this week is exploring different genres of music! Today we listened to different types of classical music. During circle while listening we discussed how the music made us feel, what types of instruments we heard, and if the music was slow or fast. We are also going to explore country music, pop music, Hawaiian music, and music that their teachers grew up listening. At home, you can easily pop in one of your favorite CD’s and have a dance party!
  4. Food Week
    • I wanted to share some of the easy and healthy snacks that we prepared for food week that can also be prepared at home. I work in the toddler classroom, and I gave them the chance to discuss what we would eat for food week. The first food I heard was “cookies”, my class loves sweets! So we decided on graham cracker cookies. The way I made these was by breaking a whole graham cracker in half, smearing it with sun butter, and then I gave a few sprinkles on each plate for the child to decorate them. It was a hit! You can also make fruit parfaits where they get to place the fruit, spoon the yogurt, and sprinkle granola. At home, you can make rice krispy treats! I took at pot of hot water, placed a bowl on top with the marshmallows in it to melt then add the krispies when ready. The child enjoyed getting to see the marshmallows melt, but especially loved eating them! It is a great treat that could also be sold at a home made lemonade stand!
  5. Water Day
    • When I was younger, going to the pool with my mom during the summer was my favorite thing to do! We went every day! So it is always fun to allow the children the chance to safely play in water here at school, which you can also do at home. You can add a sprinkler outside for the children to use in the grass or you can provide them with buckets of water and paint brush’s for them to water paint on the side walk. Another favorite is when we wash the bikes with water and soup bubbles! It adds the fun of bubbles with an easy way to cool off in the summer heat.