Charlotte Montessori Blog


During workweek, the teaching teams decide upon a word to dedicate their room to for the year.  After the Wine and Cheese reception, we gather as a staff to share those dedications with each other.  This year’s words are as follows:

Toddler I: OHANA – “Means family. Amanda and I have become a family and we can’t wait for our new class to become a family.” JOURNEY – “It has been a journey to get to where we are now, but we continue to learn and grow…the journey never ends.”


Toddler II: APLOMB – “Meaning self-confidence in difficult situations. Our goal for the year is to feel confident in the classroom and our communication.”

Toddler III: NEST – “Nurturing environment of Safety and Trust. We do this by responding appropriately to the child’s needs to be loved, respected and accepted in becoming independent with a focus on learning through their senses.”


Toddler IV: ABOUND – “To be rich or well-supplied. Anna and I feel like we are abounding in energy, knowledge, experience and drive in order to take on the new year.”

Toddler V: AWARE – “We have been working on building awareness of self, others and our surroundings in the children throughout the summer. We plan to continue this mindset and also become more aware of ourselves and our behavior we act as models in the children’s life.”

Primary I: FOR FOUR – “We are here for the children, each other, the parents, and fellow staff. We are in our 4th year together!”

Primary II: JOY – “To be a daily reminder to enter the classroom with a joyful attitude and to express that joy to the children helping our classroom to be a place where the children want to be and can thrive. Also the joy that will be present in our teaching team.”

Primary III: BELIEVE – “We believe that given a peaceful environment, children will protect and propel. We believe other teachers propel us to grow and protect our environment.”