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Montessori to College


A few weeks ago, we drove to Florida to drop our middle daughter off for her freshman year in college.  As this milestone approached, I was reflective on her first 18 years of life.  I realized that when she was a toddler in the midst of a meltdown, or a 5 year old in the middle of a test of limits, or a teenager wanting to exert her independence and we struggled together through those times….preparing her to head off to college was never on my mind.  Buuuut…all of those events from the day she was born, in fact, did prepare her for that day.  Over the course of the next months, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of two Parent Workshops that will help you during those struggles.  Limit Setting & Positive Discipline THIS Thursday hosted by Sarah and Maggie.  And Montessori In the Home on Thursday, Oct 25 presented Ana and Katelin. 

Additionally, being in a Montessori environment is preparing your child for his future.  Below are a few things your child is learning right now that I know Tabitha is utilizing at Flagler:

Making her bed:


Working on new skills (both small ones and new larger ones):

Having alone time free from distractions:

Getting fresh air and exercise everyday:

Having a meal with good friends as well as the importance of a good laugh:

 While we were settling her into the dorm, she and her roommate were chatting about various things.  Her roommate made the comment “I don’t know how to run a washing machine.”  Tabitha confidently said “don’t worry, I’ll show you!”  I knew we were leaving her with the skills she needed to be successful (or at least have clean clothes).