Charlotte Montessori Blog

23 years and counting

C.S Lewis said “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?”

I feel exactly that way upon reflection of my 23rd anniversary of being at Charlotte Montessori.

Day by day, the things that have remained steadfast:

  • The Montessori philosophy
  • The children needing love and care
  • The sturdy green chairs
  • The community of the school
  • The passion of many of my co-workers
  • The parents belief in me
  • The joy I find in what I do everyday

And the things that are different:

  • My level and belief in the Montessori philosophy
  • My understanding of each child’s needs
  • The wall color
  • My personal life as a mom (which has made me a stronger teacher and vice versa)
  • The number of gray hairs I have
  • My willingness to share my passion of Montessori with others through writing and presenting
  • My confidence in what I do

I am thankful and appreciative to be able to come to a job that I continue to love.