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How do parents support learning?

By giving children; Independence, routine, expectations, and consistency.

There are two important things that assist in your child’s development:

  1. Be consistent in the routine that you have set-up for your child.
  2. Prepare the physical space. The environment to welcome your child.

Be consistent with everything from limits, environment, and routine. Give limits you can stick with. Remain consistent while still interacting with them in a way that communicates love, respect, and compassion.

Being consistent with the daily routine helps children thrive. Having a routine for the morning and before going to bed is necessary and valuable for a child. Before they go to school they know what they have to do. When they wake up, get dress, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, read a book…etc. It gives them a sense of safety when they know what happens next.

It helps them to stay calm and secure during those times of transitions. Because sometimes the routine will change, it can happen unexpectedly, sometimes you may need to stop somewhere, but when you are done you will go back to the routine.

Drop-off routine should be consistent as well. If you are going to change the routine discuss it with your child.  If you see there is something in your routine that really needs to change talk to your child about it and explain why it’s changing. Children are very understanding when you explain things to them and why thing are changing.

The Environment:

They feel comfortable when they know it’s their space. If they can see everything, then they are able to care for it themselves, without assistance. Items should be placed at their eye level.

Your children know that everything has a place in the classroom. It helps give them a sense of order. They return materials to the shelves neatly. They tuck in their chairs and sweep up their own mess. If everything has a place you are helping them be responsible for returning things when they are done.

The home should be set up for them to be able to take care of themselves and to help take care of the home. Think of ways to include your child in your daily life routine.

–    Folding towels

– Setting the table

– Maybe arranging flowers

This gives them the feeling of empowerment.  They feel they can take care of themselves, they can take care of the environment, and they feel they can do the things they see you doing. Most importantly, it gives them the feeling that they can do it on their own. “I can take care of myself”.

Think of how we feel when we are always dependent on someone else to do things for us. It builds up aggression in your children. Then the tantrum comes in and you feel like you have no clue why they are crying.  They are frustrated because they want to do things for themselves.

It’s natural for all of us to want to do things “by myself” and doing it by myself builds confidence. When they are feeling good about themselves, they will be peaceful.

All of this feed into their confidence “I know where things are and I can take care of my daily life”. If we change Things a lot its super confusing and they get frustrated. Changing the environment too much can also cause frustration. Consistency is very important.

“Every useless aid arrest development.”

Maria Montessori

Ana Rivera