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Importance of a consistent daily routine

With the end of the school approaching and everyone discussing vacation plans. I was thinking about my daily routine and how I feel when I go off even for a short time. It affects me a lot, almost to the point of feeling frustrated and tired. This brings me to the topic of the importance of a routine for young children.

Why do children need a consistent routine? Because it helps give them a sense of security and self-discipline. Children like to know what happens next. A predictable routine allows the child to feel in control and safe.

There are times when an unpredicted change will occur. Some changes cannot be avoided: things like a divorce, an unexpected trip, sickness, etc.
This is why it’s important to offer them a predictable routine as a foundation. So when the unpredictable occurs they can handle the big change better.

Structure and routine help children effectively manage themselves and their environments. If they learn to organize their belongings, set times for doing chores, homework, self-care, etc., they will find it easier to organize themselves as young adults and handle the unpleasant tasks of daily life. Giving children this strong foundation will help them internalize the ability to structure their own lives.

Ana Rivera