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As a Montessori teacher, guide, directress, it is very important to prepare myself to enter the classroom in a calm and peaceful manner before the children arrive. To be mindful to shed all that existed before I enter the classroom. For me, this happens in stages, much like the four-stage period in a butterfly’s short life. In the morning (at home), I am the egg on the leaf (all I need to nourish myself is there). Then, I become the caterpillar and shed. I change into what I will wear. On the drive in, I begin to shed the last of my skin and become the chrysalis. I begin to go in a state of rest. A state of being mindful for about 15 minutes. As I enter the school grounds and park, I am in the final stages of being at rest as a chrysalis. My shell is clear, and I can be seen. As I walk towards the school my chrysalis splits open and my new self emerges slowly, wet and crumpled. As I enter the school and walk towards my classroom, blood pumps into my wings, they become bigger and my wings dry. I arrive at my classroom door and now I am ready to fly. After I enter the classroom, I flutter around and drink from the beautiful flowers (children) that surround me. As a butterfly, I do not have a mouth, so there is less talking and more observing the beauty of each moment of exploration in the classroom, as I flutter… silently in the background. Most things in life grow in stages, being mindful is one of those things. One way, to observe mindfulness is by observing a small child at work. My curriculum director shared a great article entitled, Mindfulness in Montessori from Baan Dek Montessori in South Dakota. I enjoyed the article and the following words spoke to me… “The Worry is not mindful. There is a beautiful quote, Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” The link is below. Happy reading.

Sophia Robinson TIII