Charlotte Montessori Blog

Building concentration through nature

I recently spent time with my nephew (who is 4 years old) at the beach! He has always been a huge fan of marine life, specifically hermit crabs and sting rays. As a montessorian, i am always observing others on what they are doing. While i was with my nephew, we found a hermit crab and made it a wonderful environment inside of a bucket we had. This gave my nephew a chance to get to watch it up close but for it to still be able to move around it’s water. My nephew was in love with the hermit crab! He sat down on the sand and watched the hermit crab for almost an hour! It was amazing how long he could concentrate on his one hermit crab.

This is a prime example of why children need to be brought outside and in to nature where they can experience life. They can find new bugs, look at different plants/flowers, and build their concentration skills.

As adults who care for these children, it is our duty to find out what their true interests are and show them new ways of using them. Also keeping their interests in real life objects or things, instead of the cartoon characters on the television. Their concentration, imagination and independence will all build tremendously when we bring them this joy through real life experiences!