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Season Pass

Charlotte Montessori is a far stretch to the lively and crazy environment of Carowinds.  But if you read further, you will see how you’ll want a season’s pass into your child’s development which includes a ride on The Hurler. 

Dr. Montessori created the four planes of development depicted in the chart below.  The first plane lasts from birth until 6 years old but is subdivided into 0-3 and 3-6.  Our classrooms are broken down into toddler (roughly 1 ½- 3 years) and primary (roughly 3-6 years) based on those planes of development.  The child’s development form triangles of growth with the decrease and increase in the lines represent “progression and retrogression.” 

With the ups and downs of development, the phases are really a roller coaster ride.  Dr. Montessori proclaimed that growth is intense at the beginning of a plane, then peaks and tapers down to the next plane.  Like the roller coaster, it is a journey that at times is powerful, fun, scary, and takes our breath away (both for the children and the adults that are along for the ride.)

In this roller coaster analogy, the child is essentially designing his roller coaster….he calls the shots as to the ups and down.  Dr. Montessori is likened to the engineer or professional of operation.  Thankfully, she knows those ups and downs and provides the tools to make it safe, fun and somewhat smooth for the child.  As teachers, we implement those safety features, those transitions into turns and follow Dr. Montessori’s guidelines.  Parents also provide those features for the child, but they hop in the car and are along for the full rocking ride….ups, downs, loops, twists and turns. 

Dr. Montessori has given us some framework for our child’s development.  Through her many observations of children, she discovered tools that help us navigate the roller coaster.  She discovered during the “infancy” phase (0-6 years old), the child has an absorbent mind, divided into unconscious and conscious.  From birth until 3, development occurs in an unconscious, absorbent mind.  Without any effort (unconsciously), the child is soaking everything up about the world around him.  In the second half of the plane from 3 to 6, the absorption of his world become conscious.  There is more deliberate learning and activity occurring.

There are many findings that Dr. Montessori made that dictate how the ride will operate.  While you may just be joining this ride, the Montessori method has been around for over 100 years.  As teachers, we devote ourselves to this philosophy and implementation of it on a daily basis.  We are committed to supporting your child in the creation of his “ride.”  We are also committed to sharing these techniques with you so that you are best prepared along the way. 

Those unexpected curves will get you at times, but thankfully we have a lap harness in place to keep you in your seat!  So hang on and enjoy the ride!