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I Offer You Peace..

The best tool you can give your child at a young age is the tool of Conflict Resolution. There is a sensitive social period when children learn how to deal with the world around them.

Conflicts and disagreements will occur, whether it be between siblings, peers, parent/child, it’s part of our human experience. It’s important to give children the tools they will need to deal with personal conflicts in a peaceful way.

A peace table can be used to encourage conflict resolution through peaceful and respectful communication. A place where they are encouraged to say what’s on their mind in a peaceful way and be heard.

Being able to say what they are feeling when upset or sad helps build confidence in young children, because they feel heard and understood.

What you will need:

  • A table if you choose to use one, with two chairs.
  • A talking item; stick, flower, stone, or whatever you like to use.

When a child has a dispute, they are encouraged to pick up the talking item and present it to the person they have a dispute with and invite them to the peace table or area to talk it out right there with the item.

They take turns passing it back and forth while they talk about the dispute. Only the child holding the item can speak. Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings. You can prompt them by asking them to describe how they feel and what made them feel that way.

“I am angry because you wrote on my work” usually the other child will reply “How can I make it better?”. They also say sorry without being told. They usually feel better after talking about what’s upsetting them and the world is a better place.

This is our peace table. The essential oils bottles are empty, but they can still smell them.

Children love to rock when they are upset, it’s soothing.

Calming jars are near the peace area.


Peace Rose with a book to help as a guide.


The stress balls are a big hit! Especially during those rough moments.

Ana Rivera