Meghan Redman

Charlotte Montessori School goes to great lengths to uphold the purity of the Montessori Philosophy. Staff and Administration work seamlessly with parents to encourage and uplift every child to build a lifelong love of learning.

Meghan Redman

Lead Teacher Toddler V

BS in Family and Consumer Sciences

Ms. Meghan became passionate about Montessori during a work-study program. The lead teachers teaching philosophy was loosely based in the Waldorf principle, but it was her bone deep peace in every situation that she strove to emulate.

Several years later, in her last semester, at ETSU, she took an Educational Psychology course and decided to do her final presentation on “A day in the life: of a Montessori classroom.”  At that point she was sold on such a unique and magnificent alternative to a “traditional” classroom.

In a fortunate turn of fate, she ended up in Georgia, where she was blessed with the opportunity to enroll in the Pan-American Montessori Society teacher training program. She has worked with children for the last ten years and has been in a Montessori classroom for the last two.  Aside from her love of teaching and cooking, she also enjoys rugby, cooking, sketching, and playing chess.