With all the chaos and turmoil in this world today, it is refreshing and uplifting to find a school like Charlotte Montessori where diversity is encouraged and peace is promoted. It results in happy children and harmony, something our society needs far more of in my opinion.

Stacy Brown, mother of Oliver (Primary II)

Charlotte Montessori is like family to us. Having sent both of our children there, our children grew up with this school. It was a second home that we sent them to every day. What a wonderful feeling to be able to leave your children there for the day knowing that they are in such a nurturing and educational environment.

Claudia Prager, parent to Josh and Emma Blanton

Our son Henry has been at Charlotte Montessori for almost two years and we feel so lucky to have found this school. He has truly blossomed in his time here. All of the teachers have been so sweet and we can tell that every day for him is enriching and fulfilling. Even the interactions between the children are filled with joy and benevolence. I think that speaks to benefits of the philosophy and the dedication of everyone working at the school.

Tim and Faye Cheadle, parents of Henry

The entire facility demonstrates unprecedented levels of passion, wisdom, confidence and character that allow the student to form a lovely soul, a discerning mind and a healthy body. They work tirelessly to guide the children to be their own ambassadors and to teach an ethic of service and respect to others.

Erin Marriott, mother of Liam, graduate of the class of 2014

With Charlotte Montessori School, I have devoted people who are well-educated, song-singers, princess-loving, pirate-loving, fun-loving, life-dancers who are influencing the most precious little human I’ve ever met. It’s THE most important job of our universe. I love this school. I love their mindset. I love my child’s teachers.

Heather Vaartjes, mom of Maggie

Both of our children have learned a tremendous amount at Charlotte Montessori, from the basics of reading and math to practical skills and sensory works; Charlotte Montessori has supported their learning and allowed them to focus on each skill in their own way.  I am a firm believer that because of the teaching methodology employed, our children are not only far beyond their peers, but have developed a love of learning that will last them a lifetime.

Bridget Nelson, mom of Colin and Reagan