Charlotte Montessori School

Charlotte Montessori School was founded in 1971 by a group of parents who wanted more from education than was being offered by the other schools in Charlotte. Our school is the oldest Montessori School in Charlotte, and one of the oldest in the Southeast. We are located in the Historic Dilworth area, neighboring the Southend. Our buildings are nestled off East Blvd and East Kingston Ave. , which is both a convenient location and a truly picturesque place for our children to spend their days. Just minutes from Uptown Charlotte, we maintain our small school community culture in this growing city. Our community currently has seven toddler environments for children age 15 months to 3 years, and five primary environments for children ages 3-6.

Letter from our Director

I am pleased to welcome you to the Charlotte Montessori School website. Here you can meet our amazing educators and staff, learn more about the Montessori philosophy, and take a virtual tour of our unique and special community located in the heart of Dilworth.

Charlotte Montessori Director

Jessica Siracusa – Director

At Charlotte Montessori we welcome children ages 15 months through Kindergarten for an authentic Montessori experience. We follow Maria Montessori’s philosophy carefully and are committed to fostering skills such as independence, grace and courtesy alongside a strong academic foundation, preparing each child for academic success far beyond their time with us.

In addition to an outstanding Montessori education, at Charlotte Montessori, we pride ourselves in forming deep connections with the children we nurture and guide, as well as their parents. We build this partnership through regular parent-teacher communication, parent workshops offered monthly on a wide-array of topics, informative class and whole-school newsletters and community wide events, offered several times a year.

While your child receives the best Montessori early-education experience in Charlotte, as a parent, you too will have ample opportunity to learn and grow in the philosophy—connecting teacher with not only the child but the family in meaningful and purposeful ways.

We hope you will take some time to virtually explore our school and come to Dilworth for a tour in person soon. 

Charlotte Montessori School is a joyful, child focused, nurturing community, dedicated to educational excellence where passionate teachers partner with a diverse community of families to build a foundation where every child can reach their full potential.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy embraces the educational ideas and practices of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). She was an Italian doctor, psychologist and educator who devoted her life to improving the traditional structure of educating children. We inspire children to care about learning, and to become self – starters who set their own high standards for work and social interaction. Using Montessori based applications and materials within a traditional curriculum; our teachers instill in our children the desire to know, to inquire and to expand the boundaries of their lives. Our Montessori inspired philosophy includes:

Individualistic Learning


Regarding the child as an individual with a unique pace of learning and range of talents.



Providing an educational environment tailored to an investigative process of learning.



Training children in wide – ranging fields geared to prepare them for all areas of life.

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