About Our School

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About Charlotte Montessori

Charlotte Montessori School was founded in 1971 by a group of concerned parents who wanted more from education than was being offered by the other schools in Charlotte. Our school is the oldest Montessori School in Charlotte, and one of the oldest in the Southeast. We are located in the Historic Dilworth area of Charlotte and are a part of the “Southend” district of new shops, restaurants and housing. This is a great setting for the school, and we are ideally located for Charlotte Metro Area residents, as well as for people working in uptown Charlotte. We moved into our current location in 1992, completely renovated the building and are fortunate to have a bright, attractive facility in which to educate our children.  We opened our second location in 2015 located directly behind our East Blvd location.  The expansion allowed us to add two additional Toddler Environments, and one additional Primary Environment.

We offer a Montessori education for children ages fifteen months through Kindergarten. Our eight classrooms include five Toddler classes, and three Primary classes. Our teachers have college degrees and either have a Montessori Certification or are working towards that degree. Most of our assistants are also degreed. The teachers and assistants are the key to your child’s educational and emotional growth, and ours are exceptional!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy embraces the educational ideas and practices of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). She was an Italian doctor, psychologist and educator who devoted her life to improving the traditional structure of educating children. This Montessori inspired philosophy includes:

  • Regarding the child as an individual with a unique pace of learning and range of talents;
  • Providing an educational environment tailored to an investigative process of learning; and
  • Training children in wide – ranging fields geared to prepare them for all areas of life.

We inspire children to care about learning, and to become self – starters who set their own high standards for work and social interaction. Using Montessori based applications and materials within a traditional curriculum; our teachers instill in our children the desire to know, to inquire and to expand the boundaries of their lives.

Our Mission

Charlotte Montessori School aims to teach and live out Maria Montessori’s Method to the children, families and the community with the goal of creating a world of peace and an education for life.