In addition to the regular work cycles in all of our classes, we offer various enrichment activities to expose your child to a broad spectrum of knowledge and discovery. All of these are included in the annual tuition.


Music and Art

An essential part of a good education is a diversified program, and music and art are keys to this goal. Our staff members are encouraged to bring in instruments they play We imbue in the children an interest and love of music by encouraging them to actively participate at their own pace during circle times and music works on the shelves. It is important to remember that tonal recognition is an important part of language development. Dr. Montessori said that children who could not differentiate between musical tones would likely have a problem discerning tonal differences in language. By actively adding music to our program we seek to circumvent language challenges. Art is also an integral part of each classroom, and each child is encouraged to develop his or her own creativity.



Children in all classes are exposed to Spanish through a weekly class. These classes are lead by a dedicated teacher on our staff.


Partners-In-Education (PIE) Classes

These are once a week, 30 minute extra-curricular classes. Parents can choose to enroll their children in classes through our Select and Pay Ordering System. PIE classes run for 8 to 16 weeks at a time. You’ll have choices like karate, yoga, tumbling, and art. Please contact the school for signup.

Field Trips

Children ages 3-6 participate in a number of fields trips at little or no extra cost. Some field trip destinations have included: DIlworth Fire Station, Latta Park, Dilworth neighborhood walks, July 4th Parade, Mountain Marionettes, and Children’s Theatre.

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