Community at Charlotte Montessori School

The Community at Charlotte Montessori School is very special and one of the biggest reasons why families join. Whether first time parents or third time over, our school is a place of partnership and support for all families. There are many opportunities for families to connect and learn about the Montessori values. Monthly workshops are hosted by our wonderful staff, school events such as Morning of Montessori and individual classroom celebrations strengthen connections between teachers, parents and the children.

For the child

Throughout the year we have opportunities for the children to experience activities outside of the classroom. We partner with The Children’s Theater of Charlotte to bring plays to school once a year for our children to enjoy. We also invite the Fire Department to visit for a safety talk and to give the chance for the children to tour inside and around the Fire Engine! During the summer our primary age children love to take walks down to Latta Park for nature walks or water day at the splash pad.

For the parents

The Charlotte Montessori team is dedicated to partnering with parents in support of each child. We offer workshops monthly on topics such as “Montessori in the Home”, “Toileting” and the “Kindergarten Year”. Twice a year Charlotte Montessori also offers a course on Positive Discipline for parents. Through this six week course our staff walk parents through the Positive Discipline philosophy topics of “Connection Before Correction”, “Mistaken Goals”, and provide a forum to talk through the perils of parenting with other families.

For the whole family

We encourage parents to join us in various celebrations throughout the year to connect with the Char Mont community. We kick of the school year with the Welcome Back picnic at our campus, complete with food trucks and drinks. We continue on with Morning of Montessori, an opportunity for the children to give their parents a peak into what lessons they have been working on. Our biggest event of the year is Peace Day! Our students spend a month focusing on a country and its traditions, culminating in a parade around the neighborhood and spring picnic at our campus.

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