Andy Russell

I enjoy the opportunities I’ve been given here. I love being involved in the planning of the various events we host throughout the year, especially when I see how much our parents enjoy the events. That’s when I feel very happy about what I do.

Andy Russell

Floater/Events Coordinator

North Carolina Early Childhood Certification

Ms. Andy is originally from Altanta, Georgia, but has lived most of her life here in Charlotte. A graduate of South Mecklenburg High School, she worked in church nurseries, kept children in her home, and was a substitute here at Charlotte Montessori School before joining the staff full-time. One of Ms. Andy’s favorite jobs before Charlotte Montessori School was delivering cameras and equipment all around North and South Carolina.

Ms. Andy and her husband of 23 years, Chuck, have two sons and one daughter – Matt, Casey, and Alex. Ms. Andy loves to garden and is an avid mystery reader. Ms. Andy loves doing volunteer work. Over the years, she has worked at improving the lives of victims of Hurricane Katrina, and built homes for people in Harlan, Kentucky through Habitat for Humanity.