Lead Teacher Primary V

Sean Fleming is a dedicated and experienced Children’s House teacher full of passion for the Montessori method. For the past 18 years, Sean has been nurturing young minds, fostering growth, and inspiring a love for learning. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Sean is now embarking on a new chapter in his life, relocating to Charlotte to be with his beautiful wife’s loving family. With his warm and caring nature, Sean creates an environment where children can explore, discover, and flourish. In addition to his passion for teaching, Sean is also an accomplished artist and a skilled guitar player. With his talents, he brings creativity and imagination into the classroom, providing children with opportunities to express themselves through various art and music projects.

When he’s not inspiring young minds, you can find Sean indulging in his love for live shows and vinyl records. Sean’s eclectic taste in music and his guitar skills often find their way into the classroom, where he shares his love for melody and rhythm, igniting a sense of joy and harmony among his students


I am very excited to work with the children here at Charlotte Montessori.

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